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How to Treat a Girl (MAN UP!)

If you treat a girl like a lady, she will do very unladylike things for you (if you know what I mean). If you treat a girl like a slut, chances of the sky raining rainbow pigs are higher than you seeing her naked. If you think a girl is too good for you, she probably is. Most girls are wayyy too good for most guys, just focus on making her the happiest girl in the world so that she can say she’s the luckiest girl to have you. 

Every girl likes to be treated like a lady to a certain degree. If a girl doesn’t then she really has no respect for herself and isn’t the type of girl you really want to be with. This isn’t that hard really! Just open the door for her, if you can cook (*note this only works if you can actually cook*) cook for her. Just basically do anything to make her feel special. Also, the “make me a sandwich” jokes were funny at first, but its getting a little old now. If you continue making these jokes to her she will likely leave your ass for someone who will make her a sandwich. (That may just be because I’m kind of a feminist, but most women are, so any man that actually respects women are expected to support women’s rights as well.That being said I do enjoy sandwich making.) 

If you make a girl feel like a slut, you’ve done something horribly wrong. Girls typically do not like being called sluts, so usually if she thinks that she is a slut… its a pretty crappy feeling. If you’re rushing things, she’ll probably feel like a slut, even if she’s not doing anything too slutty. Does that make sense? Basically don’t rush things, don’t pressure her, and pretty much give her time to make up her mind and stuff like that. 

This is stolen from the movie Valentine’s Day, but they had a good point. If you’re ever with a girl thats too good for you, marry her. I’d imagine most of this blogs readers are probably too young to get married, but basically if you think a girl is to good for you, step up to her level. Treat her nicely, buy her things, do all that romantic crap that bitches love! Don’t let a girl go if you think she’s too good for you, its just a challenge to man up and be good enough for her! 

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