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The Joey Tribiani Theory

Friends is one of my favorite shows ever, and my favorite character is Joey and that is because he is absolutely the sweetest guy. When he was in love with Rachel, I kept wondering how the hell she could choose Ross over him! Joey was the sweetest person ever. 

So pretty much ever since Season 8 of Friends I’ve had this theory. Intelligence does not really matter with guys as long as they are sweet enough to make up for it. It makes sense right, I mean all that really matters is how much they love you and show how they care about you and everything like that. Joey is a good person and he would have been a very good boyfriend to Rachel if the show didn’t feel the need to break them up so soon! 

Anyhoo after dating someone who to put it very nicely was not the sharpest tool, but was in fact a tool, I don’t know that I completely agree with this theory anymore, but in all honesty, I want to believe the Joey Tribiani theory as oppose to my actual experience… but there are few couples that are like Joey and Rachel, they are fictional after all. 

A fairly identical theory is The Stintson/Sherbotsky theory… in which it doesn’t matter if a guys a womanizing perv, if he loves a girl the way Barney loves Robin, they’ll be happy. 

I guess what this really means is that love conquers all. No matter what other traits a guy has, if he’s right for you, you’ll know and it’ll work out :) 

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Peeta Mellark

Where do I begin to talk about my love for Peeta Mellark? I’m going to try hard not to spoil anything because I have friends that are reading the hunger games and I had some things spoiled and I really don’t want to ruin anything big for anything else. So I’ll try to disguise some of the things I say about him. 

The funny thing about why I love Peeta is that there are superficial reasons and actual personal reasons. I’ll start with the more superficial reasons. He’s blonde and I have kind of a thing for blonde guys. He’s younger than Gale, and if I haven’t mentioned this before, I have a thing for younger guys. He’s also a baker which I think is really cool, I’d love someone to bake me pies and bread and cupcakes maybe? These are just some things. 

Peeta also reminds me a little bit of myself. It’s kind of hard to explain why I thought this but basically I was rooting for him because of the things he reminded me of in the first book. 

I also really loved him in Mockingjay. Without giving anything away, by this time he had been through a lot. He was being brutally honest to Katniss at times, yet he still knew that he loved her. He even talked to Gale about how he wanted to be with her. 

One of my favorite quotes of the book was Haymitch saying “You could live 100 lifetimes and still never deserve him.” That is a very nice quote, but I do think that Katniss would deserve someone as good as Gale or Peeta. She’s unselfish, puts those that she loves before anything, and would do anything to make the people she loves safe.

On a less mature note… PEETA+ KATNISS= PEENISS! LAWLZ! 

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I’m back!

Well kinda. I just read hunger games, so I’m probably going to post why I love Peeta, why I love Gale (even though I love Peeta more) and why I love Finnick! I sorta ran out of ideas to post here when trueblood ended. 

Post one of the 7 deadly sins in my ask box for:


Lust:  Something that I find attractive.
Pride: Something that I like about myself.
Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.
Envy: Something I wish I was better at.
Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.
Wrath: Something that gets me angry.
Greed: Something I can’t get enough of.

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Favorite love song/cover song.

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The Yogurt Factor

I’ve blogged about this on my other blog, but everyone in life has something called “the yogurt factor”. “The Yogurt Factor” is something a person does that just makes them adorable. Sometimes it can be a quirk or habit, it can be how they treat you, it can be something they like, it can even just be a smile or a laugh. 

I’ve named it “The Yogurt Factor” because one time I saw this guy in my class who was very good looking (he had a fohawk and everything). Anyway I thought he just looked like any other normal college guy until after the break when he came back with a snack: Yogurt with an actual silver spoon… I just found that adorable. What college kid keeps silverwear in their car just to eat yogurt? 

I never really got to know this guy, but watching him do things like that made him appear interesting. People notice these types of things, so if you have them its good. 


Things that will always make my day brighter:

#1 - Alexander Skarsgård’s smile

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The Difference Between Boy Toys and Man Candy

Sooo a lot of my friends have boyfriends, or things that may be boyfriends or things they don’t want to be boyfriends and IDK! lol. 

So I’ve decided to call all these boys either “boy toys” or “man candy.” Man Candy is for the more serious things, boy toys are just fun to play with. 

I won’t call them boyfriends unless they’re engaged now. 

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